Hello Friends. Just to let you know, the site is being rebuilt.


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Dear readers,


Firstly, hello and welcome to the birth of the new Katy-Walters.com website. I do not claim to be an expert in building a website, but I am delighted to see it taking shape under my lip biting, knuckle bleeding efforts.

My aim is to furnish the site with news of past, present and future novels and nibbles of interest. The latter  I may add, of the latest captivating authors and news of our dearly loved writers who never cease to thrill us.  So do watch out for some exhilarating interviews where we share the heartfelt dreams of gifted authors. We will also be honored to read of their past, present, their beloved pets, and hopes for future works.

This website is all about Romance, historical, present and future with comedy, suspense or tragedy playing a huge part.  As many of you are aware, I do also love writing romantic time travel novels and also introducing my favorite authors in that genre. These novels flavored and stirred with suspense and intriguing plots will have you sitting on the edge of your seat or curling up in bed, the Kindle’s screen pages racing by.

I am so looking forward to inviting fellow authors from all over the world, who have become firm friends during my years on Amazon and Kindle, to charm and intrigue us with their brilliantly absorbing novels.  And hopefully, some of my readers will be inspired to take up the pen or tackle the keyboard produce even more thrilling stories.

So for now, it is back to the skeletal website and flesh it out with electrifying men and beautiful heroines with their heartwarming children and pets,  portrayed in gorgeous covers and glorious colors. Will write again soon. Wish me luck fathoming out the technology!!!


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