The Rainbow after the Storm.

  The Countess Refuses Please nominate. This book is up for a publishing contract with Kindle Scout Link: So much has happened since my last post. I have overcome the travesty of experiencing everything collapsing around me. As you know, I lost all my contacts, my email system and all my social media links due to my email provider collapsing. …

TRAVESTY – EMAIL SYSTEM CRASHES Unable to promote The Countess Refuses.

  Since I last posted here, my world of hope crashed along with my email system!!   I never thought that losing an email provider caused such havoc. I really  do feel I should give out this message as  just relying on one provider, can lead to travesty and heartbreak. It is a story that should be told. Just over three …


It has been such an exciting time for me, not only to be part of a fabulous box collection of Christmas romances but also because, during the process, I taught myself how to do a video. But I will say, it wasn’t easy. Oh no. In the first instance, I had great expectations, which like little Pip, met with disaster …

Kit’s Crit: The Witch of Eye (Mari Griffith)

The Witch of Eye Mari Griffith Set in the mid-Fifteenth Century, The Witch of Eye is a historical fiction based on the true story of Margery Jourdemayne, a wise woman from Eye Next Westminster, who… Source: Kit’s Crit: The Witch of Eye (Mari Griffith)

Five Fascinating Facts about Aphra Behn

Interesting facts about a groundbreaking writer 1. Aphra Behn wrote one of the first novels in English. However, which of her works qualifies for the title ‘early novel’ is a tricky issue. The mant… Source: Five Fascinating Facts about Aphra Behn

Problems sleeping? Ride This Crazy Moon!

“She didn’t quite know what the relationship was between lunatics and the moon, but it must be a strong one, if they used a word like that to describe the insane.” ~ Paulo Coelho, Veronika De… Source: Problems sleeping? Ride This Crazy Moon!