Death Chords (Book 1)


DI Samantha Templeton – Vice Squad: Romance Psychological Suspense Mystery

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Her life shattered by the brutal death of her husband an undercover agent, DI Samantha Templeton vows to carry on his work. She transfers to the Vice Squad, in Poet’s Corner, an infamous area bordering on the red-light district; it was where she grew up, and lived until she went to University. These were her people; she’d experienced their suffering, poverty, the death of dreams. But now, she has no choice but to return, only here can she carry on Ben’s work. Who knew the working girls better? Who felt their despair, their tragedy? Now girls and pimps are missing; their bodies found mutilated beyond recognition.

Haunted by visions of her dead husband, she fears for her sanity, as she is joined by profiler and psychotherapist Dr. Ryan Anderson, in the hunt for the killer.


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